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Hi there!


My name is Nils Mattsson, and I’m the proprietor of the oh-so-originally named animation firm Nils Mattsson Animation. I’ve been working as an animator in Stockholm since 2013, during which time I’ve been doing everything from graphic design to tax funded television comedy.

As an animator I am very multifaceted, and used to adapting to the specific needs of my clients: would you like a stylized infographic? I can do it. Maybe some 3D? Sure! Character animation? Why not!

First and foremost I’m interested in visual and descriptive storytelling, especially in the area of animated explainers. If it entails visualizing statistics, explaining the basics of a brand new startup company, or describing the beginning of World War I, I can without bragging say that I’m the right man for the job.


My merits in this (and other) areas include (among many other things) two years as an animator on the highly talked about satirical news show Svenska Nyheter, four years as lead animator at educational platform Binogi, as well as a bunch of tv and commercial stuff on a freelance basis. One time I even got to write and produce my very own animated sitcom for Swedish public television – sadly almost no one saw it, so let's never speak of it again.