Per day: 6 000 SEK (not including VAT)
Half a day: 3 500 SEK (not including VAT)
I offer a discount for longer engagements.

All billing is done through my company Piktogram.


How much for your specific project?

A commonly asked question is how much it would cost to produce a short, animated film. This varies depending on length, content and style. The trick is to balance budget and content, so that I'm able to produce it according to my fee, while still giving you exactly what you want.

What can I offer?

I'm proud to say I'm something of a one man-factory. I can oversee a project all the way from script to sound editing, eliminating the need for you to bring in any extra external help. 

Aside from producing animation I am also a sufficient:

– Illustrator

– Graphic designer

– Editor

– Writer